My name is Jeremy and I have been active in real estate since 2016.

I started my business while I was a full-time employee at BNSF Railway. I was working 12-hour shifts that rotated from nights to days and back every month. It was definitely a challenge to manage my time, serve clients and grow a business with those time challenges. At the time my wife was a stay-at-home mom and we had 4 school-aged kids. 

Through the proper training, managing my time effectively, and being very clear on my goals, I closed 41 transactions my first year, even with my full-time job. I had originally set a 5-year goal to have 1.5X my railroad salary in the bank before I could responsibly resign from my position. I accomplished my goal in 10 months! 

Fast forward to today in 2021 and I have been full-time in real estate for about 5 years. I average 70 transactions a year, have a thriving team, acquired several rental properties, have flipped properties, have several streams of passive income, mentor and coach newer agents, and now have created this course to teach others in the industry how to convert their listing appointments at 90% ... like I do. 

My passion is serving others and helping others reach their goals. I am excited at the opportunity to help you grow in your business and provide a higher level of service to your clients which will surely result in more repeat business and more referral business. 

Enjoy the course and know that the content here is used by myself and my team on a daily basis. It works...But remember...nothing works unless we do. 

You got this!!